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Discover all the varieties of Lucaffè's grinded coffee

Grinding for Lucaffè is a delicate phase of significant importance for the final result. We grind coffee with the best that milling machines can offer. We grind the coffee in the absence of oxygen and at a low temperature, in a gentle and delicate way.

Coffee in tin

Mr. Exclusive (250 g.)

100% Arabica, Arabica blend with an inebriating aroma.

Classic (250 g.)

Soft and sweet, the classic Italian espresso.

Decaffeinato (250 g.)

Caffeine free but with a great aroma.

Classic Capsule

Soft and sweet, the classic Italian espresso.

Capsule compatible Nespresso.


The "Espresso" for us, in addition to a pleasure, must create a deep emotion and a beautiful memory to feel each time you wish.