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Discover all the varieties of Lucaffè in beans

The individual varieties of Lucaffè coffee are mixed in well-studied proportions. The blends are the result of years of passionate research by the Lucaffè team and are offered in various types to satisfy multiple individual tastes.

Quality and Quantity

Lucaffetteria (3 kg)

The best blend for all the places that put passion in their work and choose to offer the best of quality to be recognized

100% Arabica (1 kg)

Blend of Arabica coffee from South America, Asia and a small percentage from Central Africa. It is probable that no other Arabic coffee drunk ion its own can give the same results. Medium body, gentle taste, and a very pleasant aroma that can remind of freshly baked bread. Just after grinder, the scent is inebriating.

Exquisit (1 kg)

The name itself describes the product full of its characteristics: a blend of excellent Arabic coffee and a small percentage of the best Robusta quality that gives the coffee a gentle and delicate flavor. A temptation to indulge in every day.

Classic (1 kg)

We recommend this blend for those who really appreciate espresso coffee. It is a mixture of excellent Arabic coffees with a very small addition of a robust quality. Gentle flavour, generous and soft body, medium dense froth and an excellent aroma. Apart from feeling better, you will feel rewarded after drinking this good coffee.

Espresso Bar (1 kg)

Typical Italian coffee, characterized by a perfect balance of different coffees from the best plantations. Blend indicated in the market of quality vending. Sweet, intense and very creamy coffee.

Mamma Lucia (1 kg)

An intense flavored coffee suitable for morning consumption. A traditional Italian espresso blend created for the vending market. Firm body, but sweet.

Fresh Aroma

100% Arabica (700 g.)

Mr. Exclusive version of 100% Arabica. Arabica blend with an inebriating scent.

Classic (700 g.)

Soft and sweet, the classic Italian espresso in the Fresh Aroma version.

Pulcinella (700 grammi)

The first Italian energy-coffee. Extra caffeine but persuasive taste, soft and vaguely tending to chocolate. Composition: extra caffeine!

Decaffeinato/Decaffeinated (700 g.)

Caffeine free but with a great aroma.

Blucaffè (700 g.)

The espresso that seduces, always.

Lucaffetteria (700 g.)

The best blend for all places that put passion in their work and choose to offer the best of quality to be recognized.