Discover all the different Icecom creams

Lots of recipes and different formats for the most delicious dessert of recent years. To be prepared with milk or water. The products are: Gluten-free, hydrogenated fat, lactose-free, GMO-free and only with natural dyes.

Coloranti naturali, senza lattosio, senza glutine, senza grassi idrogenati, senza ogm


Coffee Creams

  • Caffé Classica
  • Caffè Pronta
  • Caffè Regina (water base)
  • Caffè Regina Gran Moka (water base)
  • Caffè Light
  • Caffè MokaYo


Cold slush creams become versatile! Many flavors to be prepared in the classic slush machine or in the more enhanced new generation ones. They are prepared with milk or water. You can find them to taste:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Fiordilatte


Yummy Frozen Yogurt with natural yoghurt flavor.

Also in LIGHT version!