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Herbalist and wellness bags are born from the need to combine great quality at an affordable price. The infusions and the mixes are artfully studied to obtain the best of well-being from each plant.

You can choose from many flavors.

Herbal infusion


Blend of fennel seeds, green anise, caraway, cumin with star anise fruits and lemon peel, with a pleasantly aromatic and alternative flavor, stimulates the appetite and is a valid after-meal aid.


Hibiscus flowers, rich in healthy organic acids and vitamins, give a ruby red drink with a slightly acidic and fruity taste and pleasant thirst-quenching and refreshing properties.


Mallow flowers and leaves with calming and emollient properties, combined with the sweet aroma of Licorice roots and the strong and incisive scent of Peppermint leaves, form a healthy and beneficial infusion.


Peppermint leaves known for their unmistakable intense and fresh aroma, useful for a stimulating infusion, are recommended for their balsamic and digestive virtues.


The fruits of Rosehip and Hibiscus flowers, important sources of vitamins, give you a natural red infusion, with a delicately sour taste and tonic and refreshing properties.


The linden flowers and bracts offer an infusion, with a very sweet perfume and a delicate flavor, appreciated in the cold winter months and a valid remedy for the day's tensions and agitations.


The leaves of Vervain with a characteristic and intense lemon scent, give you an aromatic drink with a mild calming and digestive action.

Express Infusion

Amico Dopopasto

Blend of herbs with the pleasant taste of Cedar of Garda region, with Rhubarb roots and Thyme Serpillo leaves, to rediscover the well-being of excellent digestion at any time of the day.

Carica d'energia

A blend of herbs with a fresh Mediterranean citrus flavor, with Ginseng and Eleutherococcus roots and Cola and Guarana seeds, for an extraordinary energy break.

Dolce armonia

Blend of herbs with the sweet taste of Williams Pear, with cherry peduncles and Nettle and Horsetail leaves, to create the right state of well-being and be in perfect harmony with your body.

Equilibrio vitale

Blend of herbs with the sweet taste of Delicious Apple from Trentino, with Chrysanthellum Americanum and Dandelion roots, to regain physical balance by restoring the right charge of vitality.

Serenità di campagna

Blend of herbs with the delicate taste of wild herbs, with Camomile Matricaria flowers and lime leaves and Verbena Odorosa, to rediscover the scents and flavors of a peaceful world lived at the rhythms of nature.

Sogno esotico

Blend of herbs with the exotic taste of Maracuja from Brazil, with Rosa Canina fruits and Ginseng roots, to dream with its scent the magic of distant countries rich in natural secrets.

Dolce Linea

Blend of herbs rich in healthy substances, with birch leaves, ash and star anise fruits, to promote the maintenance of a good figure and well-being with an excellent shape.

Regola Naturale

Blend of herbs with a natural taste, with roots of Altea, Licorice and Elderberries, to awaken the sluggish organism giving it back regularity.

Respiro Balsamico

Blend of herbs with an intense aroma of resins and pine buds, with Eucalyptus leaves and Thyme Serpillo, for a beneficial balsamic action and a fresh breath.

Perle di bosco

Blend of herbs with the fresh taste of wild berries, with black currant berries, to immerse yourself in the scents and flavors of an alpine forest.

Sete di frutta

Blend of herbs and fruit with a velvety taste of Italic Peach, with Hibiscus flowers, for a healthy drink with a fruity flavor and natural ingredients, good at any moment of pause.